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Time Loop Hunter Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You are Jon, a 22 years old guy down on his luck for making bad choices…

Developer: Hydrahenker Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Sci-fi, School Setting, Simulator, Anal sex, Incest, Lesbian, MILF, Rape, Vaginal sex

Description Game

You are Jon, a 22-year-old man drops in his fortune because it makes a bad choice. Living alone in a rental apartment, struggling with conditional liberation and money, your mother hates you and your sister ignores you. Until one night, aliens come to your place and give you a mission to hunt parasites that affect people’s minds.

With devices in your own brain and loop 15 days as a FailSafe mechanism you will go …. but who says you can’t have fun in the process and maybe the opportunity to turn your life.

Screenshots and Gameplay


Change-Log 0.47.30:

  • Compiled with renpy SDK version 7.4.6
  • Small bug fixes

Change-log 0.46.30:
• Compiled with RENPY SDK version 7.4.6
• Small bug fixes

Change log 0.46.20:
• fix some continuity bugs (thanks to Dimka2010)

Change log 0.46.10:
• Repair the missing scene from the gallery on day 4
• Improve the state of secondary characters
• Improve the description of several secondary characters
• Fix some continuity bugs (thanks to Dimka2010) Change log 0.46.00:
• new pergau skills point
• New program for Hannah
• New event for Jessie with a pleasant point
• New events for Cooper and Benson with a pleasant point.
• New shortcuts for Cynthia.
• One new achievement
• Continue stories for Cooper and Benson at the Exhibition
• new clothes for Alice
• New memories for Alice, Cynthia, Hannah, Layla, and Day 5
• Add a new scene to the 3 day gallery and day 4 gallery
• Add some shortcut dialog options to repeat dialogs.
• fix some continuity bugs (thanks to Dimka2010)
• Grammar correction. (Thank you to Dorcasaurelia)

Change log 0.45.30:
Public version

Change log 0.45.20:
Fix several grammar bugs and continuity (Thank you to Dimka2010)

Change log 0.45.10:
Fix alice handjob on gallery day 4
Fixed clothing count.
Fix several grammar bugs and continuity (Thank you to Dimka2010)

Change log 0.45.00:
New pickpocket skills point
New shows and clothes for Georgia
Three new fun points (Layla, Terminator, Trish & Jax)
One new achievement
Three new club IDs to be collected.
New screen for supporting characters
New screen for 100% game settlement
One point tolerance of new brain with a free timeline slot, and new strength.
Redonress of maid clothes from Lisa
Redone de Work Outfit for Mia and Georgia.
Redone animation for Mia (day 1 of my house) and crystal (day 4 hospitals)
Redonress the girls screen.
New memories for Cooper, Georgia, Day 5
Complete Gallery for Day 4
Fix some continuity bugs (thanks to Dimka2010)
Grammar correction. (Thanks to Dorcasaurelia)

Change Log 0.44.20:

  • Public version.

Change Log 0.44.10:

  • Fixed the debate images (win vs draw)
  • Touched the Achievement screen to make it less spoilery.
  • Fixed Several continuity bugs (Thanks to Dimka2010)

Change Log 0.44.00:

  • Continue Story of Jody
  • Continue Story of Jessie
  • Continue Story of Layla, Hannah, and Jody at the Sauna
  • Expand the debate event
  • New Location: SAUNA
  • Rework of the Achievement screen.
  • Rework of the Self Control Mini-game
  • +1 new FUN POINT
  • New Memories for DAY 6, DAY 5, Jody, Jessie.
  • Several internal changes for future releases.
  • More Gallery for Day 4( almost complete)
  • Fixed Several continuity bugs (Thanks to Dimka2010)
  • Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

Change-Log 0.43.30:

  • Public Version

Change-log 0.42.30:
Fix bugs with funds in the library and return to the past.
Fix bugs with Autohint.

Change log 0.42.20:
Fix small bugs.
Fix some continuity bugs (thank you dimka2010)

Change log 0.42.10:
Improve the Alice image at the club.
Fix small bugs with new new mechanics: back 1 slot in time
Fix some continuity bugs (thank you dimka2010)

Change log 0.42.00:
Continue the story of Cooper
Continue the story of Benson

  • 2 new clothes for Cooper
  • 2 new clothes for Benson
  • 1 new clothes for Jessie
  • 1 new clothes for Mia
  • 1 new fun point
    New memories for day 4
    New memories for the 5th day
    New memories for Cooper
    New memories for Benson
    New mechanical: back 1 slot in time
    More content for day 4 (still incomplete)
    The ability to unlock the gallery (only in the protective version)
    Retro-Change: Change clothes for Jessie in the Hannah Group and in the stripper party
    Retro-Change: Location Girls Map On Default
    Retro changes: Mia Babydoll is not locked on 6 am.
    Repair and enhancement of large continuity bugs (thank you dimka2010)
    Grammar correction. (Thank you to Dorcasaurelia)
    V0.41.20 Public
    Fix bugs with witness and Cynthia information.
    Fix bugs to sleep at home
    Fix some continuity improvements
    Fix some grammar improvements
    Continue the story of the crystal
    Continue the story of Janice
    New memories for day 5, Janice and Crystal.
    +2 new fun points
    +1 skill point for Lockpick
    Rework automatic instructions: 1 instructions will come to do when talking to CAS. Opportunity to receive instructions at the beginning of the day. The rest of the things to do when you ask for what to focus on.
    Add hotkeys to action bars.
    Repair the Lockpick game.
    Fix the crystal sprite.
    Fix some continuity bugs.
    Grammar correction. (Thank you to Dorcasaurelia)
    Many small grammar corrections

Continue the story of Ayumi, Cynthia, and Jessie.
New minigame to slip
+1 skill point to sneak
+2 new clothes for Cynthia

  • 1 Achievement
    New memories for day 4, day 5, day 6, ayumi, cynthia, and jessie
    Retro-Change: Janice on day 4 nights. It only needed the slot at that time.
    Retro changes: You need to be infected Zarina taking her to the dance floor with Sophie and Rosary.
    Retro-Change: Ayumi and Cynthia’s initial statistics change.
    Retro changes: You can provide geisha dresses to Cynthia freely.
    Retro changes: You can talk to Ayumi at nightclubs after giving a hard drive on day 4
    Retro-Change: Stealing Minigame is easier.
    Gallery for day 4 (incomplete)
    Side pictures for day 4 scenes (incomplete)
    Fix bugs by losing the timeline.
    Fix continuity bugs with no panties on the 6th day.
    Grammar correction. (Thank you to Dorcasaurelia)

How To Install Game Time Loop Hunter

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “timeloophunter.exe” to start playing.


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “TimeLoopHunter-0.37.00-pc” folder. Overwrite files if required.

MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “TimeLoopHunter” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Time Loop Hunter Free Download

Android + Mod (v0.41.20)MEGA

Gallery Mod:  PATREON

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