Download My Tuition Academia [v0.5.0]

Download My Tuition Academia [v0.5.0]

Download My Tuition Academia Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

My Tuition Academia Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – is a life simulator game where you take control of a female brunette protagonist.

Developer: TwistedScarlett – Patreon 
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Parody, Female protagonist, Simulator, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Creampie, Oral sex, Masturbation,, Virgin, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Voyeurism, Group Sex, Groping.

Description Game

My Tuition Academia is a life simulator game where you take control of a female brunette protagonist. You’re tasked with the goal of earning as much money as you can while balancing the day-to-day of college. It’s a perverted world out there, and you can either use it, or it can use you!

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download My Tuition Academia [v0.5.0]
Download My Tuition Academia [v0.5.0]
Download My Tuition Academia [v0.5.0]

– Four new CG.
– Seven new scenes
– Added Studio Route Paizuri, Butt Up, Jack-o’, and DP
– Added StripClub Customer Service 1, 3, and 4.
– Ambient sounds are now on the SFX track, and can be muted. Moans are on the Voice track, and can be muted. Voice track is set to 60% by default.
– Last few LonelyFans sets can no longer be seen without completing them.
– Nerfed the amount of money the last few LonelyFans options give slightly. (10% reduction on randoms, and 50% on Fuck-a-Fan)
– Fixed naming menu, and Yoko’s name overwriting whatever you set.
– Fixed consistency of characters reacting to your nudity.


  • Lonelyfans are now finished!
  • Add lonelyfans19, set sex (new art)
  • Added lonelyfans20, anal set (new art)
  • Add lonelyfans21, double penetration.
  • Add the Lonelyfans final menu
  • Add a hospital, here you can have natural births after 280 days, induce birth anytime or stop pregnancy.
  • You can now go to the beach naked, and people react to this
  • You can now mention every woman’s character after meeting them, their default remains like that. In addition, XTube content now requires a superior girl meeting in the world, and milk only asks you to go clubbing if you meet him.
  • Add the ability to change the name of the character in the sophisticated cheat menu
  • Milk now has colored images when meeting him.
  • Bedroom screen statistics still do not show the correct value
  • You can no longer drink at the beach bar while pregnant
  • Various improvements in errors typing and coding


  • Add the ability to bask on the beach, with three sexual scenes.
  • Add the ability to go to the beach bar, with two sexual scenes.
  • Add two sexual scenes to the milk route.
  • The Club Sex Scene strip now has a rabbit suit (and it’s super cute!)
  • You can now pay off your tuition fees, and get a ton of compensation and unique bonus by doing it.
  • Add Buttplug to Sex Toy Store
  • Three new Lonelyfans Photoset (16, 17 and 18!)
  • Games now have ambient sounds for day, night and beach.
  • Add ‘kiss’, ‘Voyeurisms’, ‘Public Display’, ‘Photosets’, ‘Porn Porn’, ‘Cam Show’ and ‘Lesbian Sex’ to the Status menu, and allow them all to the sensation finder personality. This is not updated in a retroactive
  • The Yomo route now requires you to impress your intelligence before moving. (Smart requirements to continue)
  • The test on Friday has been overhauled to now have a minimum smart requirement that increases every time you graduate. For example 10, 15, then 20. You get a prize to give this test.
  • Cheaper Dildo
  • Stats now round out to the nearest integer in the bedroom screen, but display accurately in choice (where it can be important)
  • Fix various typo errors


  • Add a new application icon
  • Add money to the map screen, and add dark colors to night maps.
  • Add visual ‘sexual desires’ and ‘shy’ for several choices.
  • 69 Scenes now have a variant of orgasm.
  • If you ask to work at a strip club while wearing a rabbit setting, the dialogue is a little different
  • A slightly different dialogue if you have shown your face in the chatfap flow before your Lonelfans face reveals.
  • You can no longer wear bar clothes and swimsuits before receiving.
  • You can’t anymore ‘Miss Classes’ on weekends, also not ‘get ready for class’ on weekends.
  • Make bigger breasts in images ‘Masturbation 3’, and also remove milk attached through hair on the Pregnant variant
  • Sex in the bar club and strip now correctly eliminate virginity and increase the number of vaginal sex.
  • The chatfap dildo scene is no longer clip with pregnancy and has a ‘direct video’ frame.
  • Refuse the volume on foreplay and oral sound
  • Various improvements typing errors.


  • Add ponds, with new characters ‘Tina’, and two events.
  • Add a studio with an extended scene. – Add clubs with teasers for new character routes, and the ability to bring a man home. You can also bring home men.
  • Add male dormitories, places to find people as escort. Use different art to the club.
  • Add a male club you can work using a rabbit lawsuit, only one scene there now, plan this to be an area ‘late match’.
  • Change the route to the new ‘Yomo Real’ route that integrates old guidance with new content. Featuring two lesbian scenes.
  • Adding the beach has a milk route. With two lesbian scenes.
  • Experiment with additional moans and panting sound design for the foreplay scene.
  • Removed working in a rabbit setting at the bar, and instead integrating it with a new strip club, allowing you to work there.
  • Add a sophisticated cheat menu, add the ability to change the day, change personality / quirks and add items.
  • fix any bugs and typos
  • Shame is no longer percent
  • Some early games acts lower with you, especially when you first do something.


  • Hotfixes.

How To Install Game My Tuition Academia

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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