Download Life Happened [v0.4.3] + Gallery Mod

Download Life Happened [v0.4.3] + Gallery Mod

Download Life Happened Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Life Happened Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – I made a deal with the devil once. I thought I needed the ”boost”, you know…

Developer: Kinky Shop – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, anal sex, atm, cheating, corruption, creampie, futa/trans (avoidable), graphic violence, group sex, male protagonist, masturbation, milf, sharing (avoidable), smoking, oral sex, impregnation, vaginal sex, virgin.

Description Game

I made a deal with the devil once. I think I need ” boost ”, you know …
But dealing with devils is sometimes difficult.
Mine envy me. He took everything because of that.
Anyone will say I should learn my lesson after that, but men are habitures,
And some of them are difficult to release.

Some time later, I finally made another deal, this time with a different devil. Go figure.
It’s just this time, the agreement is much simpler: I understand what I want, kill a devil who crosses me, then I walk away, take anything with me on the way out.
Pretty simple, right? If only I knew at that time there was nothing simple in life …

My name is Marco Scozzari. I was thirty-six and the CEO of the Scozzari group.
But it’s just my version that I sell to the world.

My true deal was carrying hell to earth to anyone who crossed me while making a war against my personal devil.

Welcome to ” life happened. ” Games driven by stories about love, lust, jealousy, cheat, and betrayal. Where every decision is taken into account, and most things are rare to what they are.
Will you be a lifeline in the midst of chaos, or will you be a chaos itself?

Screenshots and Gameplay

Download Life Happened [v0.4.3] + Gallery Mod
Download Life Happened [v0.4.3] + Gallery Mod
Download Life Happened [v0.4.3] + Gallery Mod

This update is focused on merging Danna’s love and lust routes. It also brings the conclusion of the second meeting with Sebastian for the exhibitionism and tainted love routes.
We will also know a bit more about Shorty’s past and her relationship with the main character.

New renders: 190;
New Sound effects: a lot;
New songs: 5;
New animations: 1 (About 1311 renders used to create it);
About 8000 new lines of code written or rewritten;
Included an option at the beginning of the game for returning players with broken saves. In that option, the players get to forge their character, set the game’s rules by enabling or disabling stuff, and choose their play-through;
I did some tweaking on the zoom effect, making it a lot less intense;
Also, I did some tweaking on the between-scenes transition code to make them faster (Downed them to about 1 second. I didn’t go any further because I can’t live without the dissolve effect in my transitions);
Text improvement in some of the text from previous updates and a lot on this update’s text. Thanks, Tribe!

This update focus on Danna’s pure love route’s development. It also develops Danna’s tainted love route (That happens when you go for the Exhibitionism branch and you realize you like Danna and go back into the love route). That second route is not done to the point I desired, though (will release a short update taking her to the same point in time that the pure love route as soon as it’s done).
New renders: 317
New Sound effects: a lot
New songs: 2
New animations: 3
New words: also a lot
About 8000 new lines of code
Added option to turn off the character screen’s animations. Thanks to AB’s help.
Added the option to name your saves again (Without that annoying pop-up naming screen you see in most games featuring that option). Thanks to Tribe’s help.
Text improvement in most of the text from previous updates. Again, thanks, Tribe! (This update’s text still needs some polishing, though)

This update focuses on developing stories. Early second day.
New rendering: 396
New sound effects: Many
New songs: 7
New animation: 10
New words: also a lot
Around 9270 new code lines

  • Introduction to Shorty, new women’s character, for games.

Change and improvement:

  • Includes the option to delete the transsexual content of the game (you must start again to access this option).
  • Includes the option to delete sharing content from the game (you must start again to access this option).
  • Full game UI Overhaul.

This update aims to correct errors when trying to read lost OGV files.

This update focuses on the route sharing funds. It aims to complete the first day.
New Render – 179
New sound effect: 2
New words: around 14000

Change and improvement:

  • Deleted status-based names for stored games;
  • Now it’s possible to name your own game to save as you like. It is also possible to change the name of each game to save the page as you like;
  • Change how date and clock are displayed in the Save Slot game;
  • Made a choice in the game to pass through the prologue
  • The status of the fund status is changed;
  • The music room made. It can be accessed from the main menu and menu in the game and displays the songs used in the game;
  • Reoded all game content: sad, friends, and I apologize for that, that means that the existing rescue will no longer function. This is a long change needed, but it makes me easier to advance with the game.
  • Improve MC’s thinking on the dock before meeting Feio, where MC thinks about dating Alex even if you are not on the road;
  • Fixed errors where Charlie’s name shows instead of Mrs. Charlene in the prologue.

How To Install Game Life Happened

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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